Darlene’s Map, Reborn!

2022 has been good for fans of old-school Greyhawk (my favorite D&D setting), particularly of it’s incredible map by Darlene. Not only do we have Anna Meyer’s new rendering of the classic map, but now Zach Henderson and Robert Conley have teamed up to digitally restore the original map (with Darlene’s permission).

This new take on Darlene’s evocative map of the Flannaess takes the form of a clean-up JPEG map, as well as a PDF map that breaks up the map into layers. This allows viewers to remove text and/or hexes from the map, or change the hex-size from the default, 30-mile, hex to 6-mile hexes.

I’ve attached a small thumbnail of Robert’s preliminary map, but you should click the links above to get the bigger picture (pardon the pun). I’ve also posted links on my Greyhawk site for AD&D3e.

Zach Henderson’s cleaned up version of Darlene’s Greyhawk map.

3 thoughts on “Darlene’s Map, Reborn!

  1. The work that Zach and Rob are doing is amazing.
    I had an unrelated Greyhawk question. How much does your Greyhawk players guide deviate from the ’83 gold box set books. It seems to be pretty faithful. I was curious about and additions or omissions there are.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Other than adding notes on the Olman people, elven subtypes, and deep gnomes, as well as providing an expanded list of deities, it’s pretty much the same. Why mess with perfection? 😉

      1. I agree. I prefer Gary’s pre 1985 Greyhawk myself. Your players guide is an awesome resource. Thanks for sharing!

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