The Perils of Self-Publishing

I’ve seen that some people have been using online printing services to print up copies of my rules… and have posted pictures of these books on Facebook or in their blog posts.

While it makes me happy to see the product of my many hours of hard work in print, I just wanted to warn others against doing so.

Recently, I had my Lulu account shut down because I was printing out copies of my books for personal use or to give out to the guys that I game with. When one order failed to show up, I contacted customer support and got this reply:

“Hello, We are sorry to hear that your package has not arrived yet. Under normal circumstances, we could assist further in possibly reordering the items, however, it has come to our attention that your Content, titled “Everywhere,” “Dungeons and Dragons,” and other works on the account  may be in violation of the Lulu Membership Agreement, which states that your Content cannot contain material that is intellectual property of another, invasive of privacy rights, defamatory or otherwise questionable and/or determined by us in our sole discretion to violate our Membership Agreement. Dungeons and Dragons and other works on the account may infringe on the trademarks and copyrights owned by TSR Inc. and other companies. Please know that Lulu does not allow fan fiction or reproductions, in any form, to be published on the site regardless of if they are public or for private use. All users are required to read our terms and conditions prior to publishing with Lulu. As a result, we must remove your Content from availability and terminate your Lulu Account.

For more information on the terms and conditions of publishing through please review our Membership Agreement.

11 thoughts on “The Perils of Self-Publishing

    1. Not likely… and that’s fine. I’ve spent a lot of money printing up books that I’ll never use. I just have to get used to using PDFs while gaming.

  1. I guess this is your sign. You could remove all of the stuff they don’t like and have a BX3e (isn’t more of a BX5e?) that sticks There free art out there.

    1. True. It’s given me a good reason to re-skin all of my books to make them OGL compliant. I’d also have to make absolutely sure that I re-word all of the flavor text to avoid plagiarizing.
      As for my BX rules being 3e or 5e: They are based on my AD&D3e rules (with spells, monsters, classes, magic items, etc. being based on their old-school equivalents rather than 5E versions), so they’re 3e to me. Besides, 5E actually has Basic Rules available whereas 3e never did.

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