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May the 4th be with you!


Being that today is Star Wars Day, I’m asking what’s your favorite RPG for gaming in the Star Wars Universe?

  • West End Games:  Star Wars, Star Wars 2nd Edition (d6 system)
  • Wizards of the Coast: Star Wars, Star Wars: Revised Edition, and Star Wars Saga Edition (d20),
  • Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Please answer in the comments section.

My favorite of those is, by a wide margin, WEG’s d6 system.  It allowed for a great degree of differentiation between characters without getting bogged down in rules.

From what I can recall, there were two issues that cropped up in our d6 games:

  1. Jedis soon overshadowed all other characters in combat.
  2. Die resolution became a chore once you rolled more than 5 dice.

Luckily here are simple houserules to mitigate these issues.

  1. For Jedi characters, change Lightsaber Combat so that the Jedi only adds half his Sense as additional dice for attack rolls and half his Control as additional damage dice. In addition, cap the additional dice at +5.
  2. To simplify die rolls, cap all dice rolled at 6D (5D+ 1 Wild Die).  Any dice beyond this would add 3 to the result.  As such a character rolling 11D would roll 6D and add 3 for each of the remaining 5 dice for a total of 6D+15.