Month: June 2022

… I’m back in the saddle (again)

After a few months of playing video games, watching far too much TV, and generally bumming around, I’ve decided that I should get back to work on my updated Gamma World rules.

My work on those rules came screeching to a halt when I came to the combat section and decided that the original rules were a bit of a mess (apologies to those who like them, warts and all). Having not played Gamma World since the early 90s (and, even then, I used Bruce Nesmith’s 4th edition rules), I had forgotten how kludgy the game was. That realization discouraged me from continuing on the rules… until now.

The challenge is to create consistent and intuitive rules, while making the game still feel like old school Gamma World. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but that’s the plan. 😉