Metric vs. Imperial… what is your Gamma World preference?

I had just finished rewriting the various physical and mental mutations and, while reviewing them, paused to wonder whether I should eschew the use of Gamma World’s default metric system in favor of the more familiar, to me and those I game with, imperial system. Mentally converting meters to feet and kilograms to pounds, I suppose, is part of classic Gamma World’s charm but, as a stubborn American, think that changing over to imperial would most definitely make to game run more smoothly for my gaming group (which, admittedly, probably won’t be getting around to play this for quite some time).

Does anyone out there have strong opinions on this, either way? I’d like to both hear the pros and cons before making the change and continuing with the rules.

3 thoughts on “Metric vs. Imperial… what is your Gamma World preference?

  1. Pretty tough decision. Imperial IS better for all kinds of reasons (not least of which is the perfect scaling for 1/60th figure scale), but even so, I’d probably err on the side of staying true to the essence of the old school. If that means meters, so be it. /opinion

  2. For me I’d use Metric. It just ‘feels’ more futuristic and adds an element of ‘otherness’ to the setting, though I get why you’d use Imperial if the primary audience are from the USA & UK (Canada is a weird fusion of the two. Officially Metric but lots of folks think in I perils still).

  3. I’m Imperial, but the truth is, that it doesn’t matter all that much. I’d use whichever one is stated in the rules.

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