Still plugging away…

With my summer vacation coming to a close I’ve gotten back to editing my BX3e rules. So far, I’m slightly more than 1/2 way there, with 103 of 197 pages “proofread”.

I’m hoping to finish up by the end of the month and, once done, I’ll post the rules here.

9 thoughts on “Still plugging away…

  1. Just had some idea on skills for the ADnD 3rd edition –
    1. For fighters, you could maybe have a rule that they get to select TWO background skills. Fighter can be the basic kind of Archtype hero, and an advantage of this could be more ‘family’ skills based on where they came from. This would give the class a little more advantage, as 4 skills seems a little stingy!
    2. Similarly for Wizards, you could REDUCE their skills. Maybe you take away their background skill, or only give them two additional skills but one extra language as standard. This would make it harder for them to stack up on ‘non-wizardy’ spells.

    Also, I would consider just dumping Dark vision entirely for everyone bar the Half-Orc, and maybe even for them.

    My prediction is the next edition of DnD will dump it. I’ve been playing without it for years (even for Dwarves – in the hobbit they don’t have it), and it makes the game so much better. Darkness becomes a real problem!

    Just some ideas!

  2. Once I’ve finished reviewing the BX3e rules, I’ll take a look back at the AD&D3e rules with a mind towards tweaking them.

    1. Just wanna say again I honestly really love your edition of the game. There’s so many elegant fixes like giving elves bonus to perception rather than the perception skill, and the optional classes like the Cloistered Priest and the Warden – so good! It’s like you took all the issues i had with the game and solved them in one go! Brilliant.

      Still up for a chat sometime!
      Best dude

  3. Sorry… but it’s been on hold. Life stuff has gotten in the way of fun stuff. I promise to get back to this ASAP.

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