Classes for BX3e

Here are screenshots for each class.

10 thoughts on “Classes for BX3e

  1. Very nice stuff. Looking forward to trying it out.

    On Sun, Jun 6, 2021, 9:31 AM From the Sorcerer’s Scroll wrote:

    > Chris Perkins posted: ” Here are screenshots for each class. ” >

    1. I’m in the process of trying to get an online game up and running. Not optimal… but it’s better than nothing (or is it?). 😉

      1. Same goes for you. Please let me know if you get a game up and running. I’d love to play!

  2. I’m feeling conflicted about the lack of any extra attack on the Elf.

    As is, the Elf is severely behind the Fighter, Dwarf and Halfling in combat competence, which is fine (or even necessary) to a degree since those three are basically the “warrior” classes here, but when he’s only barely better than the Thief (debatably worse, if we consider Backstab) I feel like there’s a problem.

    in AD&D3E you realized the Eldritch Knight (which was intended to be the game’s version of the B/X Elf I believe?) by paring the MU’s casting down to 6th level and 4 schools and paring the Fighter’s accuracy down to Bard/Cleric/Druid tier attack bonus (though Weapon Focus brings you almost back up with your chosen weapon), armor down to Medium and Hit Die to d8, as well as reduced the number of extra attacks from 3 (gained at 5th and 10th) to 2 (gained at 10th). As well as removing all other abilities unique to the Fighter and not shared by other warrior-type characters (like Cleave).

    I feel like this strikes a good balance between being notably worse at fighting than Paladins, Rangers and (especially) Fighters, while still being decidedly more competent than Thieves, Clerics and Druids (though personally I would have preferred the 2nd attack at 7th or 8th level in between the other classes getting their 2nd and 3rd, I can see why you didn’t go for that).

    That said…just slapping a 2nd attack onto the Elf and changing nothing else may be a bit much. After all, the class already has a whole bunch of abilities as is. Restricting spell access probably wouldn’t make too much sense (as there’s no schools in B/X and only like a dozen spells per level anyway)…

    Maybe lower Attack Bonus to compensate and/or restrict armor a bit?
    Or, for a completely different approach, instead of a 2nd attack expand the Combat Bonuses feature into a scaling bonus to attack *and* damage (let’s say from +1 to +5 as levels increase), lowering base attack bonus accordingly to make the Elf a specialist in its racial weapons.

    Just to throw out some ideas…maybe your views on this are completely different ^ ^;

  3. I’ve actually tweaked most of the classes and will re-post them soon.

    Dwarves and halfling got their combat bonuses cut back to +1, while elves got a +1 attack bonus with all sword and bow attacks. Thieves’ backstab bonuses were scaled back a bit; starting at +2 to hit and damage, with the damage bonus increasing to +3 at 8th level and +4 at 16 level.

    Looking at a level 10 fighter vs a level 10 elf, I considered the following:

    Same: The elf has the same attack bonus and slightly worse weapon bonuses (when you consider that they get a +1 attack bonus with 4 different weapons at 1st level). They also gain a stronghold, as a fighter does.

    Worse: 11 less Hit Points (if using averaged Hit Points), one less attack/round, no “cleave” versus weaker opponents, and no Combat Maneuver bonuses.

    Better: Elven immunities, added languages, and bonuses to stealth and perception checks. Also, the elf has the spellcasting ability of a 6th level magic-user (plus the ability to cast those spells in any armor)… which isn’t too shabby, especially when considering that spells in Basic have slightly more “oomph” than they do in AD&D.

    I’d love to playtest it, but think that anyone playing an elf wouldn’t feel eclipsed by either the fighter or thief.

    1. So I really like your ADnD rules and your supplements. They’re very creative and very well put together. A lot of the ideas are very natural and I’ve used versions of them in my own campaigns in the past (eg elven twilight vision – I used moonvision), but you write very well and present the information beautifully.

      So this is constructive feedback!!

      1) It may be helpful to write out in table form a list of the most popular / common ‘professional’ skills available. A table would be good to roll on, and it presents the information in a more user firendly form. You would have things like Performance: Acting, Performance: Instrument, Craft: Fletching etc.
      2) On the ‘knowledge’ skill, it would be good to write out a few of the most common Knowledge skills taken. Something like – Kn: Fae, Kn: Outer planes, Kn: Ancient History, Kn: religion, Kn: Magic, just to give an idea to players what Knowledge can give.
      3) In your class descriptions, you could ‘bold up’ the parts on weapon and armour allowance for clarity.
      4) Languages are VERY valuable in your game. They are very hard to get. You could maybe either allow some classes an additional langauge skill (Eg Wizard), or make it the first time you took the language skill you gain TWO languages, and each additional skill gives you one.

      1) I really like the original ADnD 3e you did, but I also get why you made the skills more 5e in your recent editions. If playing grognardy the original 3e update is better I think, but for new players the new skill system is easier to understand.
      2) So taking it further you could think of doing a version of your rules with the 5e ‘universal proficiency bonus’? In 5e the bonus is too small imo (+2 to +6), but you could use your general skill bonus for ALL combat bonuses, and then give wizards a penalty and warriors a bonus of some kind.
      3) Then you could also introduce some kind of feat system The concept of the feat system was good in 5e but I don’t think it works in practise very well, however there are some very good additions to the game you can add, such as ‘linguist’ (Gain three languages), or something like ‘Expert craftsmen’, that is missing from your current iteration.

      Anyway dude I love your rules. They’re spectaular. Please let me know if you DM on rolld20, or if you have a discord at all or if you frequent one!


  4. Hey. Is this BX3e criticism or for my AD&D3e rules? Just wanted to be sure. I’m guessing BX3e because I do highlight weapon and armor proficiencies in AD&D3e.

    As for an AD&D and 5E mashup, I have those rules! They’re at:

    Look for D&D Classic Edition. Those rules are meant to work with the 5E DMG and Monster Manual. I word of warning; those rules are not proof-read, so there will be errata in them.

    1. Yes sorry I mixed up some of the feedback of different sets! Yes it was for the Basic set – i think I was looking at all of them at once and got confused.

      I found those rules after I posted! Very interesting. Will have a look over them!

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