Progress on BX3e

So far, so good with the conversion…

The original Basic and Expert books totaled 132 pages and, at this point, my completed conversion clocks in at 197 pages. 65 additional pages seems like quite a bit to add for a rules-lite game BUT they were added for good reason.

What accounts for those additional 65 pages?

1] These rules cover experience levels 1-20, rather than 1-14. While each class takes up only 1 page, the added 8th and 9th level spells do take up some extra pages.

2] Almost every monster has an illustration and some iconic monsters that were missing from Moldvay’s Basic and Expert rules have been added. That is the biggest chuck of added pages.

3] Drawing inspiration from Labyrinth Lord and the Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia, I’ve added an appendix with Advanced Options. These options would allow the DM to add druids, gnomes, half-elves, paladins, and rangers to their BX3e game. Also… for those who want to play something more akin to AD&D with these stripped-down rules, I’ve added a section for multiclassing. Through multiclassing, your Elf character (which is, in effect, a Fighter/Magic-user) could multiclass as a Thief or Cleric. Since these rules will not appeal to purists, they’ve been tucked away at the end of the book… and are entirely optional.

Here is the first sample class from the rules, The Cleric:

3 thoughts on “Progress on BX3e

    1. I promise to get back to this ASAP. Work has been soul-draining and familial health issues have further eaten up my time (and caused 2d6 Sanity Loss). 😉

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