Hello Old Friend!

Back in the 90s, during my AD&D 2nd edition days, my default campaign setting wasn’t Greyhawk but a cobbled together mish-mash of Tolkien, George RR Martin, and H.P. Lovecraft called Gaile.

Gaile’s western continent, Avandunil, served as home for my campaign but, once 3rd edition D&D rolled around, I decided to mix things up (and cut back on the blatant theft of place-names and campaign details from its sources) by changing the focus from Avandunil to eastern Gaile or Estegalle.

Since I’ve revamped my AD&D 3rd Edition rules and cleaned them up, I figured that I should dust off the old campaign setting, warts and all… and so I have.  Like Avandunil before it, Estegalle borrows a lot from Martin, Lovecraft, and Tolkien but also draws from varied real-world cultures; making it feel quite a bit like the Known World campaign setting for Basic D&D.

My slightly updated campaign notes for Estegalle are located at:




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