Fjarrstrand Revisited

Download Link:  The Fjarrstrand Sagas, Revised and Expanded


While I’m posting updated rules, I may as well post my expanded rules and setting info for the Fjarrstrand Sagas.  I first posted notes on this setting 2 years ago, along with this blurb:

With Ragnarok and the death of the gods, the world-tree, Yggdrasil, itself perished.  Following its collapse, the nine worlds were wracked with cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanoes, and hellish storms as the realms became intertwined.  

Midgard, as the primary battleground between the giants and gods, was rendered uninhabitable.  Driven by desperation, sailors tried to brave ocean voyages westward… seeking new lands beyond the storm-tossed and turbulent ocean.  Of those who set out, only a handful of Viking crews that set out from the British Isles and Iceland found the new land that came to be called The Distant Shore or Fjarrstrand.  Two of those crews returned to the ruins of Midgard in order to lead their people to the shelter of this new paradise.

Humans are relatively new to theses lands, having first sailed here from dying Midgard nearly 500 years ago.  As a new homeland to humanity, Fjarrstrand is a largely unexplored realm.  Humans live in small swaths of coastal and frontier lands that they have carved out for themselves, while always seeking to expand their holdings.

Fjarrstrand’s ocean is strewn with numerous islands and rocky outcroppings, and is home to various horrors that prey on the ocean’s bounty and on those who ply its waters.  In the ocean’s northeastern expanses, particularly in the area surrounding The Mistgate, thick fog blankets the water’s surface.  To the north and northwest, great mountain ranges and frozen wastelands teem with jotuns and other horrors.  The primeval forests of western Fjarrstrand are home to its native people, the alfar (elves) and other creatures of faerie who view these newcomers as unwelcome guests.

With the release of Everywhen, I’ve expanded the rules and added slightly more content (based upon my running the campaign with friends).  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Fjarrstrand Revisited

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like it and hope that you get more use out of it than I currently am (not much gaming due to Covid).

    2. I appreciate your kind words and hope that you enjoy gaming in Fjarrstrand. Feel free to send any questions or errata that you find (I’m terrible at self-editing) my way.

  1. Gaming is starting to pick up again… but only online gaming. At this point, my need for a distraction from reality outweighs my aversion to gaming via computer.

  2. This is just amazing. I’ve looked for a long time for a nordic setting as well as a game system that covered everything I wanted to do (sorry D20!) and this is …sublime! Thank you for all of your quality work on it, and thanks for sharing it 😀

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