At last… The Monstrous Manual

I’ve recently updated both the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide (minor tweaks to the layout, correcting some of the ever-present typos, and adding a few more converted spells) for AD&D3.

The real time-sink of late has been my work on converting the 2nd edition Monstrous Manual for my AD&D3 rules.  It’s been something that I’ve meant to complete for the past 10 years because, without it, the rules really were not complete.

So, finally, it’s done (though I’m sure you’ll find plenty of typos within, as I’m terrible at self-editing).  Here, without further ado, is The Monstrous Manual.  Be warned that it’s a beast of a file; 400 pages long and over 100Mb in size.

Please send any comments, suggestions, or corrections my way.  Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “At last… The Monstrous Manual

  1. I just discovered this game (i.e AD&D 3rd edition) and spent the last few hours pouring through the PHB and the DMG. This is some great work you’ve done here. I can’t believe I wasn’t aware that this existence. AD&D 2nd edition is my favorite, and this definitely remains true in spirit to that edition and playstyle.

    I noticed that the books contain WotC trademarks and IP. Have you ever considered cleaning that up and releasing this game under the OGL (or some other similar license)?

    1. Thanks John. One of the best comments that I had from one of my players was that the game “felt like” 2nd edition even though it runs on the d20 system.
      Since it’s an homage to AD&D and I don’t plan on selling it, I won’t be redoing it sans art and flavor text.

  2. It certainly reads that way. I can’t wait to try this in action.

    I wasn’t thinking so much about selling it, but mostly for wider distribution (such as DTRPG), and so that other people could possibly write adventures/supplements for it.

    But that’s up to you. I’m just glad I found this.

  3. Thanks!
    Feel free to tweak the rules to strip out WotC’s IP and trademarked bits. I’d be happy to send you links to the Word .doc versions of the rules if you’d like. Just send me your email address.

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