Mad Max Fury Road has got me thinking…

Not that I’ll get a game up and running (I get to run my D&D game all too rarely as it is), but I enjoyed Fury Road and it got me thinking about post-apocalyptic RPGs.  In thinking of which are best suited to a Mad Max theme, the top contenders (in no particular order) are:

Barbarians of the Aftermath which is a Barbarians of Lemuria expansion.  I’m about to start playing in a BoL game and, when I’ve played it in the past, I really dug its rules-lite approach and flexibility.

Atomic Highway is probably the best fit for a Road Warrior themed-game.  In fact it seems like the game was built with the Mad Max movies in mind.  A few years ago I toyed with starting up a AH game but, as things often do, the game didn’t come to fruition.  Even better, the PDF is free!

Gamma World is a little too gonzo for a Mad Max-themed game but I had to include it out of nostalgia.  Sadly my favorite version of Gamma World, the 1992 version penned by Bruce Nesmith and James Ward, is hard to come by for a reasonable price.  Mutant Future, on the other hand, is available for free… though it’s closer to earlier iterations of GW (which isn’t a terrible thing!).

One thought on “Mad Max Fury Road has got me thinking…

  1. A friend of mine had a Mad Max character in our GW (2nd edition) game. It was understood that areas outside of those shown in the (then 3) movies featured more mutated beings than pure strain humans seen in The Road Warrior & Beyoind Thunderdome.

    I downloaded Atomic Highway a few years ago. I need to try that with my son though, GW 2e is my favorite Post-Apocalyptic game.

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