Expanded Cultural Options for 5th Edition Pendragon (Modifiers to Statistics, Traits, and Passions)


I’ll be using the following modified statistic modifiers for the various cultures in my game because I think that they’re ample without being too drastic.  I don’t want all Saxons being hulking, clumsy, brutes and all Picts to be tiny and unattractive gymnasts.  These new modifiers all for meaningful statistic differences between cultures without making them into caricatures.

Cultural Modifiers to Statistics:

Cymric or Irish:  +2 CON

Frankish or Frisian:  +1 STR, +1 CON

Aquitanian:  +1 DEX, +1 CON

Pictish:  +2 DEX, +1 CON, -1 SIZ, -1 APP

Roman:  +1 DEX, +1 APP

Saxon:  +2 SIZ, +1 STR, -1 DEX


Roll 3d6 for each trait in the left-hand column, also called virtues.  The right-hand column traits, also called vices, are determined by subtracting the corresponding virtue from 20.  Add any cultural, religious or familial modifiers to the relevant traits, to a maximum of 19 and minimum of 1.

Add “3” to any religious trait.  No starting trait may exceed 18, even after religious modifiers.  If no virtues are notable (16 or higher), you may raise one virtue of your choice to 16.

Virtues Vices
Chaste Lustful
Energetic* Lazy
Forgiving Vengeful
Generous* Selfish
Honest Deceitful
Just* Arbitrary
Merciful* Cruel
Modest* Proud
Prudent Reckless
Temperate Indulgent
Trusting Suspicious
Valorous* Cowardly


Cultural Trait & Passion Modifiers:

Frankish Aquitanian
Traits: Proud +2, Reckless +2, Valorous +2 Traits: Vengeful +2, Indulgent +2, Proud +2, Worldly +2
Directed Trait: Indulgent (wine) Directed Trait: Suspicious (religious fanatics)
Passions: Loyalty (lord) +1d6, Honor +1 Passions: Loyalty (lord) -2, Honor +1
Irish           Roman
Traits: Vengeful +2, Indulgent +2, Reckless +1   Traits: Deceitful +2, Worldly +2, Proud +2
Directed Trait: None   Directed Trait: Suspicious (non-Romans)
Passions: Loyalty (lord) -1d6, Love (family) +1d6, Honor -1   Passions: Loyalty (City) or (Emperor) 3d6
Pict Saxon
Traits: Pious +2, Suspicious +2, Cruel +1 Traits: Arbitrary +2, Cruel +1, Honest +2, Energetic +1, Valorous +1
Directed Trait: None Directed Trait: None
Passions: Love (family) +2, Hospitality +1, Honor -2 Passions: Loyalty (Lord) +1d6, Honor -1


Regional Trait & Passion Modifiers:

Britanny Ireland
Traits: Energetic +1, Modest +2, Prudent +2, Valorous +1 Traits: Lustful +1, Energetic +1, Honest +2, Indulgent +2
Cambria   Logres
Traits: Arbitrary +2, Suspicious +2, Prudent +1, Temperate +1   Traits: Energetic +1, Forgiving +1, Honest +1, Just +1, Trusting +1, Valorous +1
Cumbria The North
Traits: Pious +2, Honest +1 Traits: Prudent +2, Selfish +2, Pious +1, Temperate +1
Directed Trait: Loyalty (Cumbrian lord): +1d6, Loyalty (non-Cumbrian lord): -1d6 Passions: Love (family) +1d3
Traits: Arbitrary +2, Suspicious +2, Prudent +2  

Regional Directed Traits:  +1d6 to the listed trait

Bedegraine (Logres): Suspicious of Lindsey (all time periods)

Benoic (The North): Suspicious Cymri (Uther & Anarchy), Suspicious of pagans (all time periods)

Benoit (Aquitaine): Suspicious Franks (Uther & Anarchy)

Brun (Logres): Suspicious of Hertford (Uther & Anarchy), Suspicious of faeries (Boy King & later)

Cambenet (Cumbria): Trusting of Logres knights (Romance & later)

Caercolun (Logres): Vengeful of Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Carhaix (Brittany): Suspicious of all Bretons (all time periods)

Colchester (Logres): Vengeful of Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Dal Riada (Ireland): Proud of Dal Riada (all time periods)

Dorset (Logres):  Suspicious of non-Romans (Uther, Anarchy & Boy King)

Dumnonie (Brittany): Suspicious of Vannetais (Boy King & later)

Escavalon Cambria): Suspicious of Estregales (Uther & Anarchy), Proud of Escavalon (all time periods)

Essex (Logres): Indulgent of alcohol (all time periods)

Estregales (Cambria): Suspicious of Gomeret (Boy King & later)

Ganis (Aquitaine): Suspicious of Franks (all time periods)

Gomeret (Cambria): Suspicious of Pendragon (Boy King & later)

Gorre (North): Trusting of pagans (all time periods), Trusting of witches (Romance & later)

Hampshire (Logres): Merciful of Saxons (Romance & later)

Hertford (Logres):  Selfish with food (all time periods)

Huntington (Logres): Suspicious Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Isle of Wight: Prudent at sea (all time periods), Valorous at sea (all time periods)

Jagent (Logres): Suspicious of Cornwall (Boy King & later)

Lambor (Logres):  Suspicious of Lindsey (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Leicester (Logres): Suspicious of of Cymri (all time periods)

Leon (Brittany): Trusting of paying customers (all time periods)

Lindsey (Logres): Suspicious of Pendragon (all time periods)

Lonazep (Logres): Cowardly with marsh monsters (all time periods)

London (Logres): Suspicious of Saxons (Boy King, Conquest & Romance)

Long Isles (North): Suspicious of Cymri (all time periods)

Lothian (North): Suspicious of Pendragon (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Malahaut (Cumbria): Suspicious of Pendragon (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Munster (Ireland): Trusting of Estregales (all time periods)

Nohaut (Cumbria): Suspicious of Malahaut (all time periods)

Oriel (Ireland): Suspicious of Pendragon (Romance & later)

Pomitain (Ireland): Valorous at sea (all time periods)

Rydychan (Logres): Suspicious of Cambrians (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Salisbury (Logres): Suspicious of Silchester (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Somerset (Logres):  Cowardly of faeries (all time periods)

Sugales (Cambria): Trusting of druids (all time periods)

Surluse (North): Proud of Irish ways (all time periods)

Sussex (Logres): Indulgent of alcohol (all time periods)

Thamesmouth: Suspicious of Saxons (Boy King, Conquest & Romance)

Tintagel (Cornwall): Trusting of Morgan le Fay (Boy King & later)

Tribuit (Logres): Cowardly of Faeries (Boy King & later), Indulgent of fine clothes (Conquest & later)

Winchester (Logres): Proud of Belgae (Uther & Anarchy)

Wuerensis (Logres): Suspicious of religious fanatics (all time periods)


Starred (*) virtues must equal or exceed 80.  Bonus is +3 to natural armor.


Differs by religion.  All religious traits must exceed 15.  See below for the benefits of each faith’s religious bonus.

Christian, British

Traits: Chaste, Energetic, Generous, Modest, Temperate

Religious Bonus: +3 Hit Points, +1d3 to Damage

Christian, Roman

Traits: Chaste, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Temperate

Religious Bonus: +6 Hit Points


Traits: Vengeful, Honest, Proud, Arbitrary, Worldly

Religious Bonus: +2 Movement, +1 Healing


Traits: Chaste, Energetic, Just, Prudent, Temperate

Religious Bonus: +3 Hit Points, +1 Healing

Pagan, British

Traits: Lustful, Energetic, Generous, Honest, Proud

Religious Bonus: +1 Movement, +2 Healing

Pagan, Germanic

Traits: Generous, Proud, Worldly, Reckless, Indulgent

Religious Bonus: +1d6 Damage


Fear:                               replaced w/ directed trait (cowardly)

Hate:                              3d6

Honor:                            3d6

Hospitality:                     3d6

Love:                              3d6*

Loyalty (any):                3d6

*When generating Love (family), the eldest son and all daughters roll 3d6 and use the result.  Each subsequent son subtracts one from the 3d6 roll (i.e. the third born son subtracts 2 from his roll while the 6th born subtracts 5 from his roll).

In families that provide equally for all male heirs (gavelkind inheritance), the roll is not modified for later-born sons.  Saxon, Irish, and Cambrian lords often practice gavelkind inheritance, known among the Cymri as cyfran.

Regional Passions:  Roll 3d6 to determine the regional Passion score:

Ailech (Ireland): Hate Orielmen (all time periods)

Bedegraine (Logres): Hate Norgales knights (Romance & later)

Caercolun (Logres): Hate Angles (Uther, Anarchy & Boy King)

Cambenet (Cumbria): Hate Irish (Uther & Anarchy)

Cameliard (Cambria): Hate Norgales knights (Uther & Anarchy), Amor (Guenever) (Romance & later)

Clarence (Logres):  Hate Gloucestermen (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Connacht (Ireland): Love Hunting

Cornouailles (Brittany): Loyalty to the King of Cornwall (all time periods)

Devon (Cornwall):  Hate Irish (all time periods)

Dumnonie (Brittany): Hate Vannetais (Uther & Anarchy)

Escoce (North): Hate Irish (all time periods)

Garloth (North): Hate Danes (Uther & Anarchy), Hate Saracens (Romance & later)

Gorre (North): Hate Irish (Uther & Anarchy)

Gloucester (Cambria): Hate Clarence (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Hampshire (Logres): Hate Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Hertford (Logres): Hate Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Huntington (Logres): Hate Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Jagent (Logres): Hate Cornishmen (Uther & Anarchy)

Kent (Logres): Hate Danes (all time periods)

Leinster (Ireland): Hate Irish Pagans (Boy King & later)

London: Hate Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Lothian (North): Hate Pendragon (Tournament & later)

Lyonesse (Cornwall): Hate Irish (all time periods except Tournament, Grail Quest & Twilight)

Malahaut (Cumbria): Hate Angles (Uther & Anarchy)

Maris (Logres): Hate Angles (Uther & Anarchy), Hate trolls (all time periods)

Meath (Ireland): Hate Pagans (all time periods)

Nohaut (North): Hate Malahaut (Uther, Anarchy, Boy King & Conquest)

Salisbury (Logres): Hate Saxons (Uther, Anarchy & Boy King)

Silchester (Logres): Hate Saxons (Anarchy & later)

Somerset (Logres): Hate Irish (Uther & Anarchy)

Strangorre (North):  Hate Irish (all time periods)

Surrey (Logres): Hate (Other) Saxons (Uther, Anarchy & Boy King)

Thamesmouth: Hate Saxons (Uther & Anarchy)

Tintagel (Cornwall): Hate Irish (Uther & Anarchy)

Totnes (Cornwall): Hate Giants (all time periods), Hate Irish (Uther & Anarchy)

Vannetais (Brittany): Hate Franks (all time periods), Hate Brittany (Tournament & Twilight)

Wuerensis (Logres): Hate Cambrians (Uther & Anarchy)

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