Expanded Cultural Options for 5th Edition Pendragon (Random Generation)


Default Option:  Using the default option, starting characters are assumed to be Cymri from Logres who practice British Christianity.

Advanced Option:  Gamemasters may wish to allow for more diversity in starting regions, cultures, and religions in their games.  If this is the case in your campaign, use the following steps:

1] Determine Region:  Consult the TIME PERIOD TABLE below and roll a d20 to determine the character’s starting region.

2] Determine Homeland:  Roll percentile dice and consult the HOMELAND TABLE indicated on the TIME PERIOD TABLE to determine the character’s homeland.  Once the player’s homeland is determined, roll a d6 and consult the appropriate regional subtable to determine the exact city, town, or county that the character is from.  British Saxons have no subtable that need be rolled upon.

3] Determine Culture & Religion:  Consult the CULTURE & RELIGION BY HOMELAND table and roll a d6 to determine the character’s culture and religion.  Apply all applicable modifiers to the player’s statistics, traits, and passions.









4 thoughts on “Expanded Cultural Options for 5th Edition Pendragon (Random Generation)

  1. Hi. Jagent (Lendinieses) is on the Logres subtables, rather than on Homeland, Table I, and on Homeland, Table II.

    1. Hi Chris. The roll on the Logres Subtable is based on the homeland first rolled on Homeland Table 1, is it not?

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