Expanded Cultural Options for 5th Edition Pendragon (Random Generation)


Default Option:  Using the default option, starting characters are assumed to be Cymri from Logres who practice British Christianity.

Advanced Option:  Gamemasters may wish to allow for more diversity in starting regions, cultures, and religions in their games.  If this is the case in your campaign, use the following steps:

1] Determine Region:  Consult the TIME PERIOD TABLE below and roll a d20 to determine the character’s starting region.

2] Determine Homeland:  Roll percentile dice and consult the HOMELAND TABLE indicated on the TIME PERIOD TABLE to determine the character’s homeland.  Once the player’s homeland is determined, roll a d6 and consult the appropriate regional subtable to determine the exact city, town, or county that the character is from.  British Saxons have no subtable that need be rolled upon.

3] Determine Culture & Religion:  Consult the CULTURE & RELIGION BY HOMELAND table and roll a d6 to determine the character’s culture and religion.  Apply all applicable modifiers to the player’s statistics, traits, and passions.










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