Generating Pendragon Character Statistics (Revised)

Before getting into the modifiers to statistics associated with each culture, I wanted to (briefly) show how character’s statistics are generated in my game.


Size: 2d6+6 (2d6+3 for female characters)

Strength: 3d6 (2d6+3 for female characters)

Dexterity: 3d6

Constitution:  3d6

In place of rolling these statistics, the character can assign 48 points to them and then apply cultural modifiers.

Appearance:   3d6 (4d6 for female characters)

Appearance is rolled separately for all characters.

Minimum and Maximum Starting Scores:  The maximum starting statistic score is 18, plus or minus cultural modifiers.  The minimum starting statistic score is 5.  Scores below 5 are raised to 5.

Distinctive Features: Distinctive features are based upon the Appearance statistic (see above). Characters with an average appearance (10-12) have 1 distinctive feature.  Those that are particularly handsome or unattractive have more than 1 distinctive feature, as detailed below.

Value Distinctive Features
Up to 6 3
7-9 2
10-12 1
13-16 2
17+ 3

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