Demihuman Pantheons for 5th Edition D&D

Since I recently listed the 5th edition domains for the gods of Greyhawk, I figured that I should do the same for the extended demihuman pantheons.  These pantheons grew out of Roger Moore’s excellent Dragon magazine articles that fleshed out the demihuman races.

halfling priest


Dwarven Gods  Spheres  Alignment  Gender  Symbol
Moradin, father of dwarves Knowledge LG M Hammer and Anvil
Abbathor, god of greed Trickery NE M Jeweled dagger
Berronar Truesilver, goddess of shelter Life LG F Two silver rings
Clangeddin Silverbeard, father of battle  War LG M Crossed battle axes
Dugmaren Brightmaren, god of learning Knowledge CG M Open book
Dumathoin, god of mountains and mines Knowledge N M Faceted gem inside a mountain
Muamman Duathal, god of wanderers Knowledge NG M Mace over a leather boot
Vergadain, god of wealth and luck  Trickery N M Gold coin
Elven Gods Spheres                   Alignment Gender Symbol
Corellon Larethian, god of magic and war Knowledge, War CG M or F Quarter Moon
Aerdrie Faenya, goddess of air Nature, Tempest CG F Eagle
Deep Sashelas, god of the sea Nature, Tempest CG M Dolphin
Erevan Ilesere, god of mischief Trickery CN M Nova star with asymmetrical rays
Fenmarel Mestarine, god of outcasts Nature, Trickery CN M Pair of elven eyes in the dark
Hanali Celanil, goddess of love Trickery CG F Golden heart
Labelas Enoreth, god of longevity Knowledge CG M Setting sun
Rillifane Rallathil, god of forests Nature CG M Oak
Sehanine Moonbow, moon goddess Knowledge CG F Full moon topped with a crescent moon
Solonor Thelandira, god of hunting Nature, war CG M Silver arrow
Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders Trickery CE F Spider
Gnomish Gods Domains Alignment Gender Symbol
Garl Glittergod, god of the gnomes Trickery LG M Gold nugget
Baervan Wildwander, god of forests Nature NG M Raccoon
Baravar Cloakshadow, god of illusions Trickery NG M Cloak and dagger
Flandal Steelskin, god of mining Knowledge NG M Flaming hammer
Gaerdal Ironhand, god of vigilance War LG M Iron bracer
Segojan Earthcaller, god of earth Nature NG M Glowing gemstone
Urdlen, the Crawler Below Evil, fear, madness CE Mole
Halfing Gods Domains  Alignment  Gender  Symbol 
Yondalla, mother goddess Life LG F Shield with a cornucopia
Arvoreen the Defender War LG M Crossed short swords
Brandobaris, god of stealth and thieves Trickery N M Footprint
Cyrroalaellee, goddess of home and friends Knowledge LG F Open door
Sheela Peryroyl Nature N F Daisy
Urogalan, god of earth and death Death N M Silhouette of a dog’s head
Orcish Gods Domains Alignment Gender Symbol
Gruumsh, god of survival and strength Tempest, War CE M Unblinking eye
Bahgtru, god of strength and combat Strength, War CE M Broken femur
Ilneval, god of war and leadership War LE M Bloodied longsword
Luthic, goddess of fertility and healing Life NE F Orcish rune meaning “home”
Shargaas, god of undeath and thieves Death, Trickery NE M Red crescent moon
Yurtrus, god of disease and death Death NE M Rotting white hand

Demihumans also worship Greyhawk’s gods:

  • Bleredd, Fortubo, Jascar, and Ulaa are commonly worshipped by dwarves.
  • Ehlonna and Obad-Hai are commonly worshipped by elves.
  • Ehlonna, Fortubo, Jascar, Obad-Hai, and Ulaa are commonly worshipped by gnomes.
  • Ehlonna, Obad-Hai, and Ulaa are commonly worshipped by halflings.
  • Erythnul and Hextor are commonly worshipped by orcs.

2 thoughts on “Demihuman Pantheons for 5th Edition D&D

  1. Any chance you plan on updating these with the addition of the Forge, Order, Grave & Protection Domains?

    I’m trying to put together my own Greyhawk Campaign Guide and I’m struggling with the deities and their domains.

    Oh an might I add I love your Dice’ Camera, Action show.

    1. Hi,
      Believe it or not, I’m not THAT Chris Perkins. I’m just a roleplayer who shares his name. I’m not really playing much 5th edition these days, so I’m kinda of rusty with creating or adapting domains for that edition.

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