Greyhawk God Clerical Domains for 5th Edition

One of my pet peeves with the otherwise excellent 5th Edition of D&D is the dearth of clerical domains to choose from.  At this point I’m going to work within the constraints of the rules and assign the current domains to the gods of Greyhawk.


The People of Oerth worship many gods.  Only deities of the Flanaess are listed here.  In general, the greater gods are too far removed from the world to have much to do with humanity, and while they are worshiped, few people hold them as patrons.

These deities have been known to intercede directly in the affairs of men, but only if these affairs have a direct and crucial bearing upon the concerns of the deity. Even so, the annals of the historians list only a few such instances in the history of the Flanaess. Deities have weighty affairs to attend to, and in general they cannot be bothered with the trivial needs of a party of lowly mortals. However, under certain circumstances, a demi-god and a godling might well become embroiled in human affairs – as your further reading will discover. Because of the plots of Iuz and various demons and evil elementals, St. Cuthbert has become actively aware of events (and has indirect assistance from Beory, who resists elemental destruction). The enmity between Iuz and St. Cuthbert may yet result in direct confrontation.

A list of the greater, intermediate, lesser, and active demigod deities of the Flanaess is given hereafter. Following the name of each deity is the culture or cultures associated with that god:  Baklunish (B), Common (C), Flan (F), Oeridian (O), Olman (L), and Suloise (S).

The careful reader will note that certain deities are both of a certain racial origin and common, at the same time.  Next, the major attributes of the deity are listed and, finally, the deity’s alignment is shown. With respect to alignment, the following abbreviations are used:  L = Lawful, G = Good, N =  Neutral, C = Chaotic, E = Evil. The deity’s sex is indicated last.


Greater Gods  Cultures  Spheres  Alignment  Gender  Symbol
Beory, goddess of nature FC Nature N F Green Disk
Boccob, god of magic C Knowledge N M Eye with pentagram
Incabulos, god of plague and famine C Death NE M Reptilian eye with a horizontal diamond
Istus, goddess of fate and destiny Bc Knowledge N F Weaver’s spindle with three strands
Nerull, the reaper FC Death NE M Skull with a scythe or sickle
Pelor, god of the sun and healing FC Life, Light NG M Sun
Rao, god of peace and reason FC Knowledge LG M White heart
Intermediate Gods Cultures    Spheres                                Alignment Gender Symbol
Celestian, god of stars and wanderers OC Knowledge N M Arc of seven stars inside a circle
Cyndor, god of time and infinity C Knowledge LN M Infinity symbol
Ehlonna, goddess of woodlands C Life, Nature NG F Unicorn horn
Erythnul, god of envy and slaughter OC War CE M Blood drop
Fharlanghn, god of horizons and travel OC Knowledge, Trickery NG M Circle crossed by horizon line
Heironeous, god of chivalry and valor OC War LG M Lightning bolt
Hextor, god of war and discord OC War LE M Six arrows fanned out downward
Kord, god of strength and athletics S Tempest, War CG M Four spears and maces forming a star
Lendor, god of time and tedium S Knowledge LN M Crescent moon over a full moon with stars
Obad-Hai, god of nature FC Nature N M Oak leaf and acorn
Olidammara, god of revelry C Trickery CN M Laughing mask
Pholtus, god of light and law OC Light LG M Sun or moon partially eclipsed by a moon
Procan, god of oceans and sailing OC Knowledge, Tempest CN M Trident above a creating wave
Ralishaz, god of ill luck C Trickery CN M Three bone fate-casting sticks
Saint Cuthbert, god of common sense C Knowledge LN M Circle at the center of a starburst of lines
Tharizdun, god of eternal darkness C Trickery CE M Dark spiral or inverted ziggurat
Trithereon, god of liberty and retribution C War CG M Triskelion
Ulaa, goddess of hills and mountains C Life, War LG F Mountain with a circle at its heart
Wee Jas, goddess of death and magic S Death, Magic LN F Red skull in front of a fireball
Zilchus, god of money and influence OC Knowledge, Trickery LN M Hand clutching a bag of gold
Lesser Gods Cultures  Domains  Alignment  Gender  Symbol 
Allitur, god of ethics Fc Knowledge LG M Pair of clasped hands
Altroa, goddess of spring and renewal Oc Life, Nature NG F Kara tree full of ripe fruit
Beltar, goddess of malice and caves S Trickery CE F Set of fangs set to bite
Berei, goddess of farmers and home Fc Life, Nature NG F Sheaf of wheat stalks
Bleredd, god of mines and smiths C Knowledge N M Hammer and anvil or iron mule
Bralm, goddess of insects and industry Sc Knowledge N F Wasp
Dalt, god of portals and enclosures c Trickery CG M Locked door with a skeleton key beneath
Delleb, god of reason and intellect O Knowledge LG M Open book
Fortubo, god of mountains and mines S Knowledge LG M Warhammer
Geshtai, goddess of fresh water Bc Nature N F Waterspout
Jascar, god of hills and mountains S Nature LG M Snow-capped mountain peak
Joramy, goddess or wrath and volcanoes C War N F Volcano
Kurell, god of thievery and jealousy O Trickery CN M Hand holding a broken coin
Lirr, goddess of the arts C Knowledge CG F Illustrated book
Llerg, god of beasts and strength S Nature, War CN M Bear, snake, or alligator
Lydia, goddess of music and daylight Sc Knowledge, Light NG F Open hand radiating colors
Myhriss, goddess of love and beauty C Trickery NG F Lovebird
Mouqol, god of trade and ventures B Knowledge N M Set of scale and weights
Norebo, god of luck and risks S Trickery CN M Pair of eight-sided dice
Osprem, goddess of water voyages S Knowledge, Tempest LN F Whale
Phaulkon, god of wind and clouds S Tempest, War CG M Winged human silhouette
Phyton, god of beauty and nature S Nature CG M Scimitar and oak tree
Pyremius, god of fire and poison S Death, Trickery NE M Demon head with bat wings
Raxivort, god of rats, bats, and xvarts O Trickery CE M Fiery blue hand
Sotillon, goddess of summer and ease Oc Life CG F Orange tiger
Syrul, goddess of lies S Trickery NE F Forked tongue
Telchur, god of winter and cold Oc Tempest CN M Field of snow
Velnius, god of sky and weather O Tempest N (NG) M Bird perching upon a cloud
Wenta, goddess of the autumn harvest Oc Knowledge CG F Mug of beer
Xan Yae, goddess of shadows BC Trickery N F Black lotus blossom
Xerbo, god of the sea and business S Knowledge N M Dragon turtle
Zodal, god of mercy and hope FC Life NG M Hand partially wrapped in cloth
Demigods and Quasi-Deities Cultures Domains  Alignment  Gender  Symbol 
Al’Akbar, demigod of duty and dignity B Knowledge LG M Chalice and 8-pointed star
Chitza-Atlan, demigod of death L Death NE M Mummified centaur
Daern, hero-deity of fortifications C War N F Shield
Daoud, hero-deity of humility and clarity B Knowledge N M Patch of multi-color yarn
Heward, hero-god of bards and music C Knowledge, Trickery NG M Any musical instrument
Iuz, god of pain and oppression FC Death CE M Grinning human skull
Johydee, hero-goddess of espionage O Trickery NG F Stylized onyx mask
Kelanen, hero-deity of swordplay C War N M Nine swords forming a star
Keoghtom, hero-god of exploration OC Knowledge NG M Round disk bisected with arrows
Kyuss, demigod of undeath and corruption FC Death NE M Skull erupting with green worms
Merikka, demigoddess of farming OF Knowledge, Nature CG F Basket of grain and long scroll
Myrlund, hero-god of magical technology O Knowledge LG M Six-pointed star with rounded points
Rudd, goddess of luck and competition OC Trickery CN F Bulls-eye target
Tlazoteotl, Oerth Mother L Life, Nature N F Ear of corn
Vecna, god of evil secrets FC Knowledge NE M Hand with an eye in the palm
Vinar “The Green Man”, god of growth and abundance OF Nature CN M Green-leaf mask
Wastri, god of bigotry, amphibians, and self-deception C War LN M Gray toad
Zagyg, god of eccentricity and magic C Knowledge CN M Two, parallel ziggurat shapes
Zuoken, god of mental and physical mastery Bc Knowledge N M Striking fist

Demihuman worshipers of Greyhawk’s gods:

  • Bleredd, Fortubo, Jascar, and Ulaa are commonly worshipped by dwarves.
  • Ehlonna and Obad-Hai are commonly worshipped by elves.
  • Ehlonna, Fortubo, Jascar, Obad-Hai, and Ulaa are commonly worshipped by gnomes.
  • Ehlonna, Obad-Hai, and Ulaa are commonly worshipped by halflings.

Coming soon, demihuman deities!


8 thoughts on “Greyhawk God Clerical Domains for 5th Edition

    1. I guess she could. As a goddess of water voyages, I pegged her as more of a travel goddess than a weather one. Looking back at Dragon 90, where she was first introduced, I definitely think she should have the Tempest domain.

  1. I’m trying put together my own campaign guide for 5e with bit I’ve scraped up over the years. I’m struggling with the domains at the moment and was hoping that they’d be listed here but I can’t either see them or they aren’t listed. Any chance you could lend me a hand? I added the Death, Grave, Forge and Order domains to add additional flavor to my own but some just don’t seem to fit well.

  2. I’m curious as to why you gave the Knowledge domain to Wenta? The brewing aspect? I’m currently playing as one of her cleric’s in “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” and settled on the Life domain due to alcohol’s connection with medicine, as well as brewing and harvests’ connections with community; I made this choice against Nature which seemed (to me) to represent the rawer aspects of the natural world, from locations like forests and mountains, to fundamental forces like the weather.

    (Although if she lives to hit 4th-level, I’ll give her the Magic Initiate feat for a bit of druid flavor).

    1. Life works perfectly with brewing… like the Green Man of myth or John Barleycorn. I went with Knowledge because it seemed a good fit at the time (crafting, to my mind, went well with the Knowledge domain).

      1. My friend wants to play a Good Aligned Grave Domain cleric in my Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign.
        As there are no Grave Domain Deities, we are looking for a compromise. We looked at Berei, perhaps as a warden of a family crypt. Making sure the family rests in peace. I’d allow it, but I thought I’d get a second opinion.

  3. The Grave domain works perfectly for both Wee Jas and Urogalan. Nerull would also have that domain (this post was written before that UA article).

    Wee Jas can have good-aligned priests. Urogalan (halfling deity of earth and death) would also work.

    If you don’t use the Death or Grave domain, I think any god with Protection, Life, or Good as domains would also work for your friend’s cleric.

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